The appellate team at PCP has significant experience in appellate representation at all levels of the federal and state court systems.

The appellate process demands a nuanced and detailed strategy that requires a full understanding of all the potential issues. Our lawyers have mastered the unique challenges of the appeals process and provide appellate representation in a wide variety of litigation matters, including bankruptcy, business and commercial, and intellectual property.

Our appellate group’s numerous successes can be credited to a thorough understanding of the extensive research and preparation necessary to draft persuasive appellate briefs and present our clients’ positions during oral argument. Our appellate attorneys work throughout the trial process with our own litigators and with litigators at other firms to bring a crucial voice to the strategic decisions made at all stages of the litigation, both attempting to avoid error during the litigation and preserving any error for later appeal. We accept referrals from outside the firm for both trial support and appeals.