Pulman, Cappuccio & Pullen’s bankruptcy attorneys feature a unique combination of actual trial experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law, procedure and practice.

This combination of knowledge and experience allows Pulman, Cappuccio & Pullen to provide seamless representation to creditors through a variety of state and federal forums. It also confers a distinct advantage to our clients, as we are able to quickly develop and implement successful litigation and dispute resolution strategies while minimizing the clients’ overall investment of time and money.

For years, Pulman, Cappuccio & Pullen’s attorneys have been representing trustees and creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings, and we have been approved to act as special counsel and general counsel for trustees of numerous Chapter 7 bankruptcy estates. From basic claim objections, plan objections, and motions for relief from stay, to more complex actions involving avoidance claims for preferential and fraudulent transfers, RICO claims, and bankruptcy fraud, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help trustees and creditors succeed in bankruptcy court.