The attorneys at Pullen, Cappuccio & Pullen have over 100 years of combined experience in securities litigation and broker-dealer fraud. Our knowledge of the law and our mastery of the multitude of rules and regulations that impact our client’s interests is only one reason that we have been so successful in this area. The other is our commitment to excellence in delivering outstanding client service.

Our excellent results have earned us a reputation for aggressive representation of our clients. For more detailed information about broker disputes, see our “Dirty Dozen: What Makes a Good Broker/Dealer Case?” information sheet. If you or your clients might benefit from our services, please contact Shari Pulman at (210) 892-0424.

Our lawyers have helped individual investors recover for their losses against  the following banks, registered investment advisors and brokerage firms:

  • Ameriprise Financial Services                      

  • Banc of America Investment Services      

  • Bank One Securities                               

  • Chase Investment Services, Inc.                 

  • Citi Bank / Salomon Smith Barney   

  • Credit Suisse

  • Deutsche Bank    

  • EDI Financial                                       

  • First Southwest Company                            

  • Investment Professionals   

  • JP Morgan Chase                        

  • Lehman Brothers  

  • Linsco Private Ledger Corp.

  • Lowell & Company                                                     

  • SagePoint Financial, Inc. 

  • SIGMA Planning Corp.

  • Smith Barney Citigroup

  • Stanford Group Company

  • Stanford International  Bank                                

  • Stone & Youngberg, LLC                                

  • SunAmerica Securities                                   

  • SWBC

  • Tejas Securities Group  

  • UBS                                                                    

  • Wachovia Securities                                        

  • Wells Fargo Advisors                                      

  • Willis International LTD

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